MASERU – A post-mortem of Tšeliso Sekonyela, a BB Alert security officer allegedly brutally killed by police in custody, says he had injuries that would’ve paralysed him before he died.

Sekonyela’s wife, mother and the rest of the family have started funeral arrangements after a post-mortem was done last week.

After the torture they went through during the arrest of their beloved husband and son, the post-mortem has revealed the gruesome details of how he was brutally killed.

THE DOCTOR’S FINDINGS – According to the pathologist’s report, the deceased had suffered some broken ribs, a broken leg, and bruises all over the body.

The most severe injuries were on the neck, consistent with strangulation, and he appeared to have been beaten with an iron rod. Sekonyela had also suffered some internal bleeding.

“Even if he had not died, he would definitely be paralyzed. They didn’t just kill him, they killed us as well as his family. The pain he must have gone through is unimaginable. The cops were deaf; they didn’t even hear his cries. They killed him mercilessly and I want nothing more than justice for my son. Those heartless cops should pay for what they did to my son,” said Sekonyela’s mother – ‘Makabelo Ramahlele.

According to another family member, the postmortem was scheduled for Thursday last week, but it was rushed and done on Tuesday.

“We don’t know what they were trying to hide but we were informed at short notice.” the family says.

The Sekonyela compound is all quiet. Everything about it seems so dull, except the garden patch in front of the house, and a plastic green house made to grow food for the family.

At the door on our arrival was Sekonyela’s younger brother, who also looked sad and lost, but was welcoming enough to make one feel at home.

In the house sat his mother ‘Makabelo and her daughter in law, ’Mareitumetse. The two had just returned from a long day of waiting at Home Affairs to get the death certificate.

Sekonyela’s 25-year-old wife, now a widow, sat on another sofa seemingly lost lost in some strange world, and barely uttered a word.

Questioned on how she feels, she just shrugged her shoulders as tears welled in her eyes. After what seemed like forever she said, “I don’t know,” and again battled the tears from trickling down her cheeks.

Asked if she has a picture of her husband, she reaches out for a framed one from the display unit and looks at it dearly for quite some time, and then hands it over.

“This is all that I have of him and it looks somewhat pixilated,” at this she disappears into the kitchen and busies herself with some cooking.

While Sekonyela was in custody, his wife and mother were subjected to the torture of being lied to and being made to wait before they could see him.

They were some of the first people to get to the National Identity and Civil Registry to process the death certificate, but were the very last to leave that office, tired and hungry.

“Even in death, we had to wait,” said Ramahlele.

Police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli said investigations have started but the officers suspected in the murder remain at work.

“Investigations have started, but I have not heard of any interdictions or arrest pertaining to the suspects.” says Mopeli.