MASERU – The newly formed Basotho Action Party, BAP, says instead of a vote of no confidence in the prime minister and the government, Lesotho should go to early elections in three months.

Spokesperson Motlatsi Maqelepo says the party and its 10 members of parliament have decided to abstain from a no confidence vote filed by the founder of the Basotho Progressive Party – BPP, Tefo Mapesela.

“Our 10 Members of Parliament shall abstain, and we would like to make it clear that we shall not support those that say prime minister Majoro should not be removed either, because that will convey a wrong message that we have confidence in him.” says Maqelepo

“We don’t have confidence in him because he is a weak prime minister, he has no vision. he has no courage to hold anyone to account, he is beholden to his cronies, he is captured and he is already being associated with corruption.” says the BAP statement

Maqelepo says whenever BAP weighs-in on national issues it abides by its principles and policies and those are to build Lesotho’s good governance that is riddled with corruption and stealing of public funds.

He says those principles are a clean government and capable state, government under the rule of law and a productive and inclusive economy.

However BAP says it has learnt that Majoro is the lesser devil and the party also has no confidence in Alliance of Democrats leader Monyane Moleleki who is the proposed candidate to take over as prime minister should the motion pass:

“We are not convinced that should this motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister pass, Lesotho will achieve these principles that we have raised or that it will save Lesotho and Basotho.”

BAP says it is appealing to all parties in parliament to unite and get a two-thirds majority which is required by the Amendment Bill to call for early elections, rather than to let government to be toyed around with.

“We are therefore inviting these MPs constituting 2/3 majority to advise the prime minister to advise His Majesty to dissolve parliament and call for the elections in three months.”

The BAP says all Basotho, not just parliament, should have a say in the change of government through elections already scheduled for 2022.

“We would like to remind them that if they are tired of Dr Majoro’s administration, the right to give anyone powers to rule is entirely vested in the electorate.” concluded Maqelepo